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1. which type of network cable transmits digital signals in the form of pulses of light?

A. Coaxial

B. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP)

C. Shielded twisted pair (STP)
D. Fibre optic


2. Which occurs because alternating electrical current flowing through a wire creates an electromagnetic field around the wire?

A. Attenuation

B. Crosstalk

C. Interference

D. Shorts


3. Which categories of UTP cabling can be used in Gigabit Ethernet networks? (Select all that apply)

A. CAT 1

B. CAT 2

C. CAT 3

D. CAT 4

E. CAT 5

F. CAT 5e

G. CAT 6

H. CAT 6e

I.  CAT 7


4. The diameter of fibre optic cable is expressed in which measurement?

A. Centimetres

B. Microns

C. Millimetres

D. Ohms


5. ____________________ fibre optic cable is used mostly for short distances (up to 500m)

A. Single-mode

B. Multi-mode

C. Channel

D. Glass


6. Which of the following Radio Guide cable categories is used for Ethernet networking? (Select all that apply)

A. RG-6

B. RG-8

C. RG-9

D. RG-11

E. RG-58

F. RG-59


7. Which of the following fibre optic cable connectors looks most like a ST (straight tip) connector?

A. RJ-45

B. RJ-11

C. Coaxial

D. Box connector


8. Twisted pair network cable uses which RJ connector?

A. RJ-11

B. RJ-14

C. RJ-25

D. RJ-45


9. An RJ-11 connector is which type?

A. 6P2C

B. 6P4C

C. 6P6C



10. What is the pinout difference between the T5568A and T568B standards? (Select all that apply)

A. The wire colour attached to pin 1

B. The wire colour attached to pin 2

C. The wire colour attached to pin 3

D. The wire colour attached to pin 4

E. The wire colour attached to pin 5

F. The wire colour attached to pin 6

G. The wire colour attached to pin 7

H. The wire colour attached to pin 8


11. The standard BNC barrel connector is considered to have how many pins?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4


12. Impedance is measured in which of the following?

A. Nanoseconds

B. Ohms

C. Millimetres

D. Volts


13. Cables that run in _______________ must meet applicable fire protection and environmental requirements.


14. The device on a NOC card that converts the data that it reeives from the system into a signal that's appropriate to the network is called a  _______________.

A. Port

B. PROM chip

C. Receiver

D. Tranceiver


15. True or false? On the majority of today's laptop computers, the network adapters are PC cards.




16. The built-in identifying address coded into the NIC by the manufacturers is called which of the following?

A. IPv4 address

B. IPv6 address

C MAC address

D. Port address


17. A 16-byte address displayed in hexadecimal is called which of the following?

A. IPv4 address

B. IPv6 address

C MAC address

D. Port address


18. __________________ servers match host names to IP addresses.


19. A  ___________________ name is a 16-character name, with the first 15 characters available for the name and the 16th character reserved to describe a particular service or functionality.


20. True or false? The purpose of a modem is to convert digital data signals from the computer into analog signals for transmission over the phone line.




21. Modems use which RJ connector?

A. RJ-11

B. RJ-14

C. RJ-25

D. RJ-45


22. True or false? PCI-based modems are less expensive to purchase because the CPU must handle all the processing, making them cheaper to produce.




23. True or false? In windows Vista, you use the software that comes with your modem to create dial-up connections to remote servers.





1) D,

2) B,

3) EFGH,

4) B, 

5) Multi-mode,

6) BDE,

7) C,

8) D,

9) A,

10) ABCF,

11) B,

12) B,

13) Plenums,

14) D,

15) False (network adapters are standard equipment),

16) C,

17) B,

18) DNS,

19) Netbios,

20) True (it also converts analog signals recieved from the phone line back into digital signals for the computer),

21) A,

22) False (the CPU handles all the processing for an AMR, CNR, ACR modem, sound card or network card.),

23) False(once you've installed a modem on your computer, you establish a connection to an ISP's dial-up server or a computer's remote access server by using windows vistas ''set up a connection or network'' wizard.)